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Welcome to First Aid Care

First Aid Care Pvt. Ltd. Operates nationally with the well balanced and diversified portfolio. Thecompanyholds leading positions with its business units in consumer businesses. Founded on 06 February 2015 First Aid Care Pvt. Ltd looks back on more than 5 years of success. Being the first registered company in Nepal to supply First Aid Kit & Safety products all over the country, it is actually established to promote the re-seller market of first Aid & safety products. Our Company recognizes the importance of First-Aid safety and is determined to promote quality items in affordable price so as to create the best value for our clients. We provide a wide range of different first aid & safety as requirements of the area where it may be used and variations in legislation or regulation in a given area.

Due to the massive disaster made by an earthquake the aid items have become the necessity for people of our country. We have done the research and found that the recent situation of our country has shown us the need of supply of aid materials in a massive way.

Since we are supplying the first aid items, safety items, medical equipment’s and rescue items and environment safety products different NGOs, ING’s, Social and governmental organization, we have started supplying all the items and awareness of health, safety and first aid training and process as per the demands and needs.


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Surgical Instruments


 4,500.00  4,000.00
 300.00  250.00

agricultural safety kit

Agricultural Sprayer Pump

 5,000.00  4,500.00

Lifeguard Equipment

Lifeguard Drawstring Bag


Surgical Instruments

Family Planning Kits


Lifeguard Equipment

Whistle Fox 40 Classic

 175.00  150.00